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A Snapshot Of The Year So Far - From Your Favorite London Oriental Escort!

Hello my darlings, can you believe it is already March. I know I keep saying this and probably sound like an old stuck record, but wow, doesn’t time fly - and seemingly quicker as we get older :sad: Since the beginning of 2014 my life has been a whirlwind of activities and whoever said Jan and Feb are quiet times of the year is by my accounts lying :roll: . I am by no means complaining,just merely pointing it out. Maybe the cold drab winter months have guy’s rushing to find comfort and consolation in the warm arms and usually err warm bed of an accommodating companion :wink: So, yes, I have contributed towards chasing away the winter blues for many of my playmates - My good deed to mankind :mrgreen:

Amongst many, the hotels that I have recently had fun and frolics in include - The Goring in Belgravia. Very sophisticated and quintessentially old English type of hotel. It seems to be favored by the aristocratic type and of course it was where Kate Middleton and her family stayed before and during the Royal wedding. The hotels restaurant is very nice and I was lucky enough to dine there on Valentines day. In the bedrooms are sheep dotted about the place. I’m not sure what significance they represent but they are very cute and I think if I stay there again, I will adopt a ‘Shaun’ the sheep (yes that is his name) and bring one home with me :smile: Other hotels that impressed me include the Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge. Very modern and stylish and the one bedroom apartment/suite is to die for. Soooo big - actually twice the size of my apartment and my pad is not that small. Lovely luxurious marble bathroom with huge bath and candles (romantic touch) and a football field sized bed - perfect for horizontal jogging and a naked game of twister if you like :mrgreen: I would die happy and content if I could live in there - no actually,

I want to live in Harrods - seriously I do,Harrods would be perfect for me :razz: , but if I can’t - this hotel apartment/suite would be a close contender. I have also visited the Ritz - very lavish and opulent and very much in the same style and league as the Dorchester. A lot of floral and gold everywhere and a very popular hotel for posh afternoon tea and favored by Middle Eastern clientele. Claridges Hotel was also very nice as is the Savoy Hotel. I have been wined and dined at The Ivy, which sadly did not impress me much (Shania Twain song anyone … lol :razz: ) I don’t know what I was expecting,but as it has always been favored by celebs and bloody hard to get a reservation,I suppose I was hoping it would be more glitzy and glam inside but sadly that wasn’t to be. Very normal and verging on boring to be honest. Am I being superficial, yes I probably am :wink: ! Another let down restaurant was China Tang at the Dorchester Hotel. Now being 100% Chinese myself,I am more critical when it comes to Chinese cuisine but trust me when I say the food there is bland, it’s bland. Phoenix Palace on Glenworth Street NW1 and Royal China on Baker street W1 are much better Chinese restaurants in my opinion and are both situated in Marylebone and only a few minutes walk from where I live (lucky me :-P ) And the Dim Sum in Royal China is divine !

On a more positive note, I had a delicious and delightful lunch date with a lovely gent at Wilton’s on Jermyn Street. Fine British dining with a great seafood menu on offer. I absolutely recommend the lobster cocktail for starter and the sea bass is just exquisite (Yum!! ).However, I must refrain from drinking too much wine - that or our coital activities back at Claridges totally frazzled my brain.As I unfortunately left the Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb perfume ( my favorite scent ) that I was generously gifted, in the taxi on my way home :cry: Just as the cab sped off, I remembered it, but alas, it was too late. I just hope the person that found it,loves the smell as much as I do …. Yep,that was indeed a very sad ending to a what would of been a perfect lunch date. And it was completely my own fault! :oops:

Anyway, writing this blog post has made me realize that all this wining and fine dining cannot be doing my midriff/physique any good. Spring is just around the corner and I guess the time has come to actually take the cellophane wrapper off the yoga mat and consider wearing the trainers instead of just looking at them :neutral: .I suppose having petite,slender Chinese genes can only do so much for me. Wish me luck guy’s - I’m soooo not a gym bunny!

Lots of love and warm hugs to you all … Leanna xxx

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