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Leanna Li

Do I Enjoy What I Do ??? From Your Favorite London Oriental Escort.

Ok,have you got your cocoa ready …It’s story time. I just want to put it out there. I have never been forced into Escorting. The decision to venture down this exciting path was made by Me, Myself and I :smile: . I have always had a creative nature - even my day job is in the creative field, so it was no surprise to me that I feel totally comfortable doing this line of work. No two encounters are the same and quite often I am allowed to let my creativity go wild. By that, I mean in the form of dress up and role-play. Most days I am simply Leanna Li sensual escort and companion but on other days,

I can be Doctor/nurse Li examining her patient, Mistress Li dominating her slave, secretary/PA seducing her boss, naughty schoolgirl flirting with her teacher, yes, please spank me Sir :mrgreen: or just helping Patrick become Patsy via cross dressing.Let your imagination lead you, there are so many possibilities/fantasies out there.Allow me to help you fulfill them ……….

I have had my toes sucked and feet worshipped, I have learnt to foot wank and tease with my toes. I have had my Louboutins licked and kissed,but I draw the line at allowing someone to come on or in my shoes. That is a capital punishment offence you know. I love, love, love my shoes and unless you are prepared to replace them then no, you cannot squirt all over them ! I have a drawer full of toys,which can be introduced into our playtime. I have cuffs to restrain you to my bed, while I tempt and tease you to oblivion.For the more experienced and adventurous person, I also have a strap on and will be more than happy to indulge you to the wild side. If that is all to much for you, then why don’t we do seductive and sensual ….

How about a candle lit bubble bath together, where we can soap and stroke each other and start the fun and games there.I have waterproof vibrators too … :-P I have a girlfriend (Alyssa) who tours London every so often and has the most gorgeous face and delicious body that we can share. Me and Alyssa can spoil you rotten and our duo’s are a lot of fun. We play with each other and with you of course. Girl on girl action, with you in the middle …. Mmmmm :wink: Alyssa will next be in London and available to play on Feb 18th - Feb 24th 2014.

Being a paid private companion (Escort) is my guilty pleasure :oops: . It is generally seen as a taboo, hence why I find it so illicit and exciting. From the first initial contact - be it a phone call, text or email … I am conjuring up an image of what my potential date will be like. You gents have the upper hand, where as you have seen my photo’s, read about me via my website and get a brief idea of my personality. For me, it is the complete opposite, hence why I appreciate those that tell me a little about themselves via email prior to our first liaison.Obviously this will only be applicable to those planning ahead.Last minute rendezvous arranged by a simple phone call only allows me a voice to go on. It is really like a blind date for me. I get very excited with butterflies in my stomach as I am preparing myself for our encounter. What lingerie will I wear - stockings or smooth bare legs …what colour dress today,hair straight or hair curly.And most importantly, I hope we get on and he enjoys our time together!

Basically, it is like four or five dates in the real world, compacted and squeezed into a few hours. I need to get to know my client, make him feel comfortable and at ease with me, tempt and seduce him - then take him into my boudoir to ravish him … Phew and all in a relatively short space of time. Often after coital activities, I lay there next to my gent and amuse myself by thinking,an hour or so ago, we would have walked past each other on the street as strangers, going about our every day life. Yet, here we are one hour later, lying in bed stark naked, having f*cked each others brains out and behaving like we’ve known each other for years. I think that is what turns me on the most. It’s insane really if you stand back and think about it! Gosh, this blog is getting rather long.Am I boring you yet? In summary, do I enjoy what I do ?? …. Hell Yes !!! :mrgreen: I am doing something which I enjoy immensely and find very exciting,liberating and erotic -with the bonus being that I get paid for it.Don’t deny it guy’s, I’m sure if you were a woman, you would want to be an Escort too :-) …….. I love London and I love life !

Kisses from your favorite London Oriental Escort …. Leanna xxx

Hello and welcome to my website.

I am an Independent Oriental Escort, offering elite companionship to discerning and affluent gentlemen, who appreciates the finer things in life.

Although I offer a true “Girlfriend Experience” I also have a wild side and am open to suggestions. Please feel free to share your fantasies with me and hopefully together we can make them a reality.

Come into my world,where dreams can come true ……