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Do Women Pay For Sex

I was on a night out with a group of girlfriends recently and as per usual, put a gaggle of girls, plus an obscene amount of alcohol and the nature of conversations turns sexual. One of the topics discussed was do women actually pay for sex. Well I have :oops: ,but it was a looooong time ago,when I was much younger and rather naive. I told the ladies my story and I will now share it with you guy’s. So, like I said, I was much younger when I did the deed (or didn’t in my case) - probably in my early/mid twenties and very curious and inquisitive back then ( actually I still am ) :mrgreen:

It was way before I myself became an escort, but for some strange reason,I remember it quite clearly. I had been out drinking with friends,so wasn’t compos mentis when I made this irrational decision.Feeling rather tipsy,empowered and quite horny that night,I decided I would be brave and sample a ‘delight’ from the back of the Chelsea Post (didn’t know about escorts on the internet back then). What’s good for the goose is good for the gander ….. and hey I’m all about equality :-) Advert said,25 yrs old builder,slim,sexy,fit. Me’s thinking,mmm… Yes Please, I could do with a visit from Mr Diet Coke Man…Call was made and I was given a description (no pics to peruse back then) that would make any woman drool and all for only 60 pounds an hour,including massage and full service.Wow, bargain!!! .. I went and got myself dolled up and ready for Mr Stud Muffin, then waited in excitement and anticipation.

At the agreed time, my doorbell rang and I literally ran to answer it and that’s where it all went downhill. Mr hot, fit, sexy ‘Diet Coke’ man must of been busy and sent his much older friend Mr ‘Muscle’ as in skinny scrawny,lanky,what ever you want to call it instead. In shock and disappointment,I didn’t know what to do but let him in.Being a lady,I didn’t want to send him away,so I paid him and made small talk.He told me that I wasn’t what he was expecting, as his clientele was normally much older and that he was very pleasantly surprised.I smiled back sweetly,but didn’t have the heart to tell him, he too wasn’t what I was expecting - whilst desperately trying to not stare at his nose,which was unfortunately rather big and beak like.By then, my desire had totally left me,so I opted for a massage only.

Keeping my panties on,I let him massage my back,which mind you was quite good,whilst he kept asking if I was sure there wasn’t anything else he could do for me,all the time trying to slyly remove my knickers.I told him firmly that it was only a massage that I was after and 30 mins later he was dressed and practically forced out of the door,but not before he told me that he would give me a discount or extra time should I book him again as I still had 30mins left………err, I don’t think so ! Suffice to say, I haven’t felt the urge to repeat …… But now thinking about it,maybe …just maybe. :twisted: We have websites, pics and reviews now don’t we ….. Watch this space guys ;-)

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