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Leanna Li

Help .... I Am In Lust !!!! Your London Oriental Escort.

Hi peeps, it is currently 5am in the morning and I am awake after a restless night! Gosh, the perils of Bank Holiday weekends and too much champagne … Err … As if I need any excuse !!! Anyway, my problem with having a drink or two (or three or four ) is that it always causes me to have very erotic dreams later that night. Now, I have never been one to lust after pop stars - even when I was a teenage schoolgirl, but I am ashamed to say that it is exactly what is happening to me right now! My current obsession is non other than Danny O’Donoghue of the Irish band The Script.

I mean it has gotten soooo bad, that I am seriously contemplating putting his posters up on my bedroom wall …. Gasp! Just so that I can look at his cute Irish face before I sleep. What is wrong with me ….A woman in her thirties fantasizing about cuffing a pop star ( got to be Danny ) to her bed and totally f*cking his brains out ……….. And he is not my usual debonair type … Actually, quite the contrary! I can only liken it to the feeling you get after a night out on the town and on your way home you get this insatiable urge to have a burger or kebab (depending where you are). Oh, so so bad for you but damn it tastes good !! Well, after a night out, I don’t want a burger (pauses a millisecond to think about it) nope, I want to eat … no devour the tasty Mr O’Donoghue :-) Like the greasy late night snacks, he’s probably not good for your health on a regular basis but every other night, whoops I mean every so often - Yep, I’ll take my chances - Room service, please deliver him to my bedroom ….. Garnish not required, I’ll have him as he is ;-) Thank You !!

I am wondering subconsciously if my heart is missing Ireland, where I lived and worked for 5 yrs before re-locating back to London. I have much love and happy memories of my time in the Emerald Isles and come on, who doesn’t love the lilt of the sexy Irish accent. Summer is fast approaching, maybe it’s a subliminal message for me to pay a (long overdue) visit to Ireland and have some fun with my friends and playmates over there! So, if your reading this my Irish lovers, I may well be heading over to your country before too long! Anyway, I am now going to have a cup of tea ( how British :-) ) and try and go back to sleep for a few hours - That’s what bank holidays are for - sleeping off the night before. Failing that, I will have no choice but to whip out my trusted rampant rabbit (hey don’t tut,this girl has needs) and have some fabulous filthy fun with Danny ….. In my fantasizing mind of course ……. Although if he was to pop round right now, I definitely definitely, I re-iterate definitely wouldn’t say no :-)

Toodles …. Leanna xxx

From your favorite Oriental Escort London :-)

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