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I Love Musicals !!! From Your Favorite London Oriental Escort.

Yep, the title says it all, I simply adore musicals and will not tire of watching them… EVER !! There is something quite magical about them and I always leave thinking - Boo, if only I could sing - and wear their dresses !! Last Wednesday, I was lucky enough to get to see ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ again and although I was initially sad that my date for the night couldn’t make it due to having to work late, I was more than pleased when he so kindly donated the tickets to moi so that me and a friend could go. Thank you so much Mr X. 25yrs and still going strong worldwide, you have to go and see it (if you haven’t already) and you will understand what the hype is all about. All the awards it has got over the years are well and honorably deserved - Thank you Mr Lloyd Webber for creating this great musical masterpiece for us. 

I really don’t have a favorite part but if I had to chose then I would say it is when the Phantom and Christine sing ‘Inside my mind’ That song always sends shivers down my spine and don’t tell anyone but I am deeply in love with the Phantom himself.Oh to be devoured by such a man of power and mystery …. So, on the off chance that your reading this Mr Phantom, me and my body are all yours - come and ravish me ! It is now the weekend and I am still humming the tunes. I say humming as my singing is atrocious and closely resembles a cat being strangled and is so bad that I wouldn’t even inflict the pain of it upon myself never mind others. Life is so unfair, why oh why can I not sing! *Big sigh*

If opera is not your thing and I use opera loosely as ‘Phantom’ is not really an opera, then another great musical that I saw recently and can recommend is ‘We will rock you’ based on the band ‘Queen’ and written by Ben Elton. It is a jolly and sing along kind of musical as everyone knows a ‘Queen’ song or two and there are more than a few jokes and funny moments thrown in. Definitely worth a night out!

Ah, I feel so lucky to live in central London and have the West End at my doorstep. Did I tell you that I like and adore musicals :-) ……..

Love .. Leanna xxx

Your favorite London Oriental Escort ;-)

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