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Mr B's fourth role play idea. A Visit To The Sex Therapist.

More from Mr B. Wow, what an active imagination he has 😉

4 ) A Visit to Sex Therapist Vivian

I’ve been having a little problem with my ‘performance’ lately which has greatly frustrated me and my sexy partner Leanna. So, we decide its time to get some ‘professional’ help to rectify things. After a visit to our GP we’re referred to a ‘specialist’ for a follow-up consultation. It’s a lady consultant we’re going to meet, which makes me feel a little nervous, and a little excited too, at the prospect of going to discuss my ‘problem’ with her and being examined by her too.

The day finally arrives for our 5pm appointment. We walk into her consulting room and I can’t help noticing how pretty and sexy looking our therapist is. She is very friendly and, wanting to keep things informal, she insists we call her Vivian during the consultation. She tells us she specialises in helping men with erectile problems and other issues too relating to men’s and ladies genitalia. She tells us she’s ‘cured’ very many clients who are all very very happy with the outcum of her ‘treatment’. We discuss my symptoms in detail with Vivian. You also explain how you’ve had to resort to your collection of sex toys again to satisfy your orgasmic needs due to my ‘difficulties’. However, for you nothing can ever beat the feeling and sensations of a real live cock in your pussy!

And so it’s time for a physical examination. Vivian asks me to strip naked as she needs to do an ‘all over’ body examination. I apprehensively strip behind the screen and lie on her bench nervously waiting for her to begin. She approaches me and reassures me that nothing will hurt. Her cleavage is very visible as she leans forward over me. As her hands and fingers wander over my body,I can feel something happening between my legs…..a feeling I’ve been missing for a very long time. Before I know it, Vivian is spreading my legs apart and is giving me the most amazing perineal massage. My cock is hardening all the time and she finally takes a firm grip of my stiffened shaft. She massages my now fully erect and extended cock up and down, focusing her hand movements on my very enlarged purple knob. This lady is a true expert of the male organ. Then holding my cock in her left hand, she proceeds to lube the middle finger of her right hand and while still gently stroking my very swollen knob, inserts her finger deeply into my ass hole. She continues to finger me and massages my male G spot until I’m ready to explode my enormous load. But she expertly keeps me on the edge and knows exactly how to control my orgasm. You look on in amazement and excitement as she seemingly takes me to that point of no return and then suspends my orgasm at her will.

This amazing therapist has re-ignited my sexual drive with her expert skills. She continues to tease and massage my cock as she slowly brings me again to that point of no return. I feel like I’ll explode any second but she’s totally in control and denies me my orgasm again. She turns to you with a very naughty look in her eyes and invites you to take my cock now too. You stroke me gently as Vivian continues to finger my ass. Amazingly, little did I know the fun was only starting. Vivian opens her blouse and while still playing with my cock you take each of her nipples in turn between your pouting lips. She’s getting very aroused now and you are too. My hands begin to wander to caress your gorgeous ass and I slip my finger inside your thong to finger your wet pussy from behind. The action is hotting up very quickly now and Vivian strips as you sit on my face and I lick your sweet pussy. Minutes later everybody’s naked and ready to fuck and be fucked. Vivian rubbers me up as she gives me the most amazing blow job and the fucking begins!!!

Miraculously, I was cured in just one visit and haven’t looked back since! (we might go back for a check-up though shortly…………..just to make sure everything’s in perfect working order!!!!!) 😉


Love and kisses

Leanna xx 😘

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