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Think about all of those beautiful women who walk around in an office,perfectly presented in their buttoned up blouses and skirt suits - they are untouchable to the average man who, no matter how hard he tries, might never get a chance with a woman like that.

So he watches her, he fantasizes about her, and eventually he can’t focus properly on his work as he’s too crazed with lust. Most men would just have a wank and get it over with, but some men have a need to live out their fantasy, and when they can’t have the real women that is turning them on, they often turn to an Escort to live out that dream …. Now here is where I step in 😇 Obviously, office role play is not the only role play request I get, but it is the most highly suggested. I guess that, for the majority of men, a big portion of their day and lives are spent in the working environment, so it is not unusual for fantasies to be created there. Also, now that the weather is turning warmer, with spring and summer imminently approaching, a few more buttons on that blouse will be left undone, with a hint of cleavage to drive the mind and err other male parts wild 😉 I have been the ever willing PA - who puts her own spin on the term ‘Personal Assistant’…. Yep, I have been very personal indeed and I am always there for my boss, caring and nurturing to his every whim and need, as a happy boss makes a happy work place right ??? I have also sucked and f*cked my way to promotion, impressing my boss with my ummm … ‘Dicktation’ skills 😘

Totally convincing him that what I may lack in typing skills, I can more than make up in other skills …… Occasionally the tables are turned and I am the female boss 😎 In this scenario, you need to convince ME, why I shouldn’t fire you NOW. Your sales targets are constantly not being met and simply put - you are useless to my team. Obviously, I didn’t get to my position,where I am now, without sacrifices - thus being, no time for relationships and sex ! I am sexually deprived and need a slave - whoops, did I say ‘slave’ 😊 I meant a compliant man, to attend to my inner frustration and throbbing clit. Someone at my beck and call, who will not ever say No to me. Sometimes a quick wank in the ladies toilets with a vibrator is just not satisfying enough. You shall drop on your knees and crawl under my desk to lick me, whilst I take that conference call, or if YOU are the boss and I am the secretary, then it shall be me on my knees, sucking and licking you, whilst you take that call from America . The imagination holds no boundaries, so as long as you leave your shyness and inhibitions at the door, then a lot of harmless fun can be had. I have been the obvious secretary, female boss, doctor/nurse, teacher, schoolgirl, estate agent, airport security, police woman, wife’s sister or her best friend 😯 , the next door neighbor, plus many many other characters ….

Sometimes I am the submissive one and at other times, I am in the dominant role. For me, the key to a good role-play session, is not to feel silly or shy. If you cannot get into role/character, then it will not work. You have to remember, that at the end of the day, it is only me and you in this hotel room or my apartment and no one else is there to watch or laugh at us (unless that’s your thing 😉) Please leave your shoes and inhibitions at the door and lets get on having some role-play fun. In my next few blogs, I shall share some role-play stories with you guys’s. I have had a lot of fun playing those character’s and I think you will all enjoy reading about my fun and frolics and err acting skills … lol 😙 !!!

Love and kisses always ….

Leanna xx

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I am an Independent Oriental Escort, offering elite companionship to discerning and affluent gentlemen, who appreciates the finer things in life.

Although I offer a true “Girlfriend Experience” I also have a wild side and am open to suggestions. Please feel free to share your fantasies with me and hopefully together we can make them a reality.

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