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AJ emails me and lets me know that he will be transiting through London from the States. I have been seeing … Wait, ‘seeing’ sounds like a relationship and, as much as we are fond of each other, we are definitely not in that category πŸ˜• So, let me rephrase, I have been ‘entertaining’ Mr AJ for quite some time and I know he specifically requests or ‘demands’ (gosh, I do get turned on by an authoritative man) that his business flights to Europe, allows him at least one nights stay in central London.This is so that he can have an evenings debauchery with moi 😘

So on the night of date, I excitedly get ready. Carefully, I select my lingerie and stockings and of course pick my sexiest black CL heels. All glammed up, I swiftly cab it over to the Hilton on Park Lane. I’m glad AJ is staying on the 24th floor ,as I love the view over London at dusk and also it makes what I have planned for AJ more excitingπŸ˜‰. Heart a flutter, I gently knock on his door. AJ opens and upon entering his room, I see that he has already got some champagne on ice and also some strawberries .. mmmm yum! We greet each other like long lost fuck buddies
( which we kind of are, if you take the montetary donation out of the equation) πŸ˜†

AJ offers to take my coat from me, but I opt to keep it on for a little longer. We sit down on his chaise longue and AJ cracks open the champagne. I notice AJ is in his hotel bathrobe and smells fresh from the shower. I can feel my nipples hardening and I am getting rather moist between my legs. All prepared and ready for me, just how I like my menπŸ˜‰ (Tip here gents.The cleaner you are then the dirrrtier I will be😈) As we briefly catch up with each other, all I can think of, is his hands touching my body and his lips on my lips ( yes both of them - above and below ) .. smirk After about 15mins of chit chat, I decided to get the fun started.

Casually I walk over to the window and admire the view of London from above. Still facing the window, I unbutton my coat and drop it on the floor. I can hear AJ gasp and splutter with delight, as he now realises why I kept my coat on. There I am, in nothing but my lingerie,stockings and heels. I guess I must of simply forgotten my dress (whoops)πŸ˜‡ AJ comes over and starts to kiss my neck and fondles my breasts. Standing behind me, he grinds his rapidly hardening cock against my backside. I put my hands up against the window and spread my legs ready. AJ knows what I’m hinting at, as he swiftly drops to the floor and monoveres his head to between my legs.

Quickly removing my thong, he starts to lick and suck at my already wet pussy and throbbing clit. I writh and moan with pleasure, whilst still leaning on the window. It isn’t long before I can feel the first of many orgasms beginning to erupt. I pant with excitement and encourage AJ to keep swirling his tongue on my clit. With an almighty gasp, I come pleasurably all over Aj’s mouth and tongue. He continues to suck and lap away, drinking in my juices and feeling my pulsating orgasm on his lips. Such a gent - allowing a lady to come first πŸ˜ƒ

( My view as I was being fucked. And no,I didn’t take the pic during the proceedings. I was polite enough to wait until after ..lol πŸ˜‰ )

Once I had regained my composure and my legs had finally stopped trembling, I decide to repay the favour. Swapping places, AJ stood up and took off his bath robe. With me now on my knees, I take his hard erect cock into my mouth. Looking up at him mischievously I suck and swirl my tongue around his cock, occasionally licking his shaft and gently sucking on his balls. As AJ groans with pleasure, I know I’m hitting his sweet spots, so I continue until AJ can take no more and demands we fuck now. I quickly rubber him up (always practice safe sex guys) and AJ flips me over, so I’m again spread eagled, hands pushing against the window. AJ then thrusts himself deep into me from behind. He starts to fuck me slowly first,bending me lower as he simultaneously plays with my nipples and clit. As I groan and moan with pleasure, he starts to fuck me harder and quicker.

I can feel my G spot get very warm and deliciously aroused. Those familiar, but oh so delightful feelings, let’s me know that I am very close to coming again. I tell AJ not to hold back and to give me everything he’s got. With my err. .. vocal encouragement ( yes yes,I can sometimes get verbal tourettes when I’m at the point of no return 😜) I come hard for the second time. As I’m screaming OMFG and thanking the lord, my shoes, Jesus, the table and chairs etc… I can feel AJ explode deep inside me. The tight feeling of my pussy contracting with waves of pleasure was simply too much for him, resulting in him climaxing at the same time as me πŸ˜ƒ .. Phew !!!

Any low flying birds or even planes that evening would of got an eyeful from us … lol πŸ˜† After cleaning ourselves up and regaining our composure, we decide to head for a bite to eat and a cocktail (or 2) at the wonderful Galvins restaurant on the 28th floor. I did however, decide to put on a dress that I had in my bag, as we wanted to appear as a respectable couple ,not one that had shagged frenziedly only a few moments ago😊. As for the strawberries, let’s just say they got put to good creative use when we returned after dinner ❀

Yours erotically … Leanna xxx πŸ’•πŸ’œπŸ’•

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