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So N has a penchant for fabrics, especially satin and Pvc. We have met quite a few times already and the liaisons are usually the same. I guess if you find a formula that works then why change it hey ! N always likes me to wear a fitted satin shirt and my Pvc wetlook leggins. I complete the look with sky high louboutin heels. Starting in the living room, I make sure the lights are dimmed and the candles are lit. Seductive music is playing in the background and a glass of cold champagne is ready and waiting for him. Upon his arrival we don’t chat much. N prefers to leave the chatting to afterwards, as he doesn’t want to ruin the illusion and fantasy that he has conjured up in his mind.

As he settles comfortably into my sofa, I purposely bend over ,so that he can see my derriere, all tight and shiny - clad in wetlook Pvc. Still bent over, I run my fingers up and along my inner thighs, teasing him (and myself) but stopping before I reach my crotch. At this point, N comes over and grabs my waist and gently grinds himself against me. I can feel his erection - his cock getting bigger and harder, as he gets more excited and amorous . N moves his hands up from my waist and encases my breasts. As he fondles, he can feel my nipples all hard,erect and like bullets poking against the smooth satin of my shirt.He is wickedly teasing me, and I say wickedly ,as he knows how much this turns me on.

At this point, I take his hand and lead him into my seductive boudoir. Staying fully dressed myself, I slowly undress him until he is completely naked and then I blindfold him. Guiding him over to my bed, I request that he lies down and gets comfortable. N prefers not to be restrained as he likes to feel and touch fabrics, so I guess it’s just the ‘tease’ part and no ‘tie’ Straddling him, I unbutton my shirt and gently release my breasts from my lace bra. I lower my nipples to N’s mouth and he flicks his tongue around them. Then he gives me a good suck which he knows, will get me moaning and gasping for more. N then runs his hands up and down my thighs, feeling the smooth Pvc.

Still straddling him, I manoeuvre myself up his body until my crotch is on his face. He sniffs my pussy through the pvc and I grind myself on his mouth. N, then decides it’s time to dispose of my leggins, so I remove them and position myself back on his face. Using a finger, he slides my lace thong to one side and then starts to lick my clit. With gentle sucking and rhythmic tongue swirling, (which I must say N is rather good at) , it doesent take long before I’m ready to come all over his face. N loves to feel and taste me come and he continues to lick and suck until I am happily satisfied. On N’s request, we don’t fuck -never had and probably never will. We just pleasure each other in different ways.

Having pleasured me first (thank you N, much appreciated 😙) it was now time for me to return the favour. I put on my long smooth satin opera gloves and proceed to gently massage his balls. N, isn’t a great fan of oral, but does love a good wank from satin gloved hands. I encase my fingers around his now rock hard cock and glide up and down. Still massaging his balls with one hand, whilst milking him with the other hand, I slowly bring N to an erupting climax and he shoots his load all over my gloved hand. After cleaning up and removing the blindfold, me and N settle back with a glass of fizz each and catch up with our lives. What an indulgent way to end the day 😁 xxx

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