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Tie And Tease - From Your Fav London Oriental Escort

Hello class, today we are going to discuss the topic of tie and tease - or at least my interpretation of it. So, do you trust me ….. I mean,really really trust me - enough to allow me to cuff and restrain you to my bed and do as I please to you :twisted: So, what should you expect from such an encounter with moi. Well, after pleasantries and formalities have been dealt with, I will lead you to my sultry,candle lit boudoir. There you will be asked to undress and lie on my bed naked.

I will gently stroke your body and give you light feathery kisses all over, whilst slowly cuffing/restraining you to my bed. After making sure your comfortable, I will proceed to blindfold you,just to heighten the experience and excite your senses. Once I am happy that your not going to be able to escape anytime soon ;-) our fun shall begin. I will use my nails to gently tickle and scratch you all over. I will nibble and lick you,popping an ice cube in my mouth occasionally and tracing the cold and wetness all over your body. I will suck you with the ice in my mouth, so that your cock will be teased with the sensation of my soft wet lips and roving tongue, but at the same time you will be fighting the cold sensation of the ice. Vibrating toys and cock rings will be used to stimulate your balls and and nether regions.

For those who are more willing and of the adventurous disposition, I may insert a small (well lubed) toy to massage your prostate (mens G Spot). Being sucked and fucked at the same time is quite mind blowing gents - bearing in mind that you cannot see what I am doing to you and can only rely on your other senses. I will put on my satin gloves and gently stroke and massage your cock and balls. You will have to guess if its my fingers or my cute little toes that are running themselves across your excited body. When I offer you my lips to kiss, will they be my lips from above or my sweet lips from below. You can feel my breath close to you and sweet nothings whispered in your ear, but you cannot see or touch me and you have absolutely no idea what is coming next.I will slide my naked body over yours,occasionally teasing your mouth with my breasts and very suckable nipples. By now, you will most likely be rock hard and ready to explode, but it will be up to me to decide when and how I will ride you. Will it be slow and sensual or fast and frantic ….

How it will end, is for me to know and you to find out :wink: Either way, I promise you will see stars when I finally allow you to come. Obviously, we will discuss and arrange the encounter that’s within your boundaries and I will not do anything that your not comfortable with.This is about giving you a new and euphoric experience and I am here to merely help and facilitate it :-P I thoroughly enjoy being the teaser, but gents, I must put it out there, I DO NOT enjoy being restrained myself, so there is no need to offer returning the favor :mrgreen: I get off on turning you guys on and seeing you writhe about on my bed in carnal desire. Gosh, it is turning me on immensely just thinking and putting all this into words. Come, let me lead you into the garden of tie and tease. You never know, you may like it - actually, I know you will definitely like it :wink: I am now off to take a cold shower to cool down. Don’t know if I am feeling hot because of this blog or because of this hot weather - probably a bit of both :razz: See you soon for more fun and games ….

Yours Erotically … Leanna xxx

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