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Time To Wrap Up 2013 Folks ... :-) From your London Oriental Escort.

Hello my lovers and lovers to be ;-) …. Yes, yes, long time no blog,I know and I won’t lie and make up feeble excuses. I’ll just admit it … I’m a rubbish blogger !! Anyway, it is now New Years eve 2013 as I sit here and type. At midnight tonight, we will be toasting our drinks and welcoming 2014 in. I always get very excited at this time of the year,as I am a positive person and believe in progressing as opposed to dwelling on the past. New Year gives us new hope and if anything bad has happened in the past year, now is the time to draw a line under it and look to the future.

Gosh,don’t I sound all spiritual and philosophical here and no I haven’t been smoking the wacky baccy nor am I looking for a tree to hug :mrgreen: It must be the Buddhist in me … And I’m not really religious either! lol However, 2013 has been very good to me, so I cannot complain. It just makes me look forward to 2014 even more and what fun and games is in store for me …. I have been very fortunate to meet a lot of new companions this past year and also been very loved,supported and spoilt by my regular patrons …. You know who you are gents and I am forever grateful to you all

Anyway, the purpose of this post was to answer my most asked question, but somehow I seemed to have got lost along the way (And those that know me, know that my directions and navigation skills are pants ) So that’s not really surprising there is it … ha ha !! Anyway, I’m rambling again,so I better just get on with it. My most asked question ever and one that I would like to wrap up 2013 answering is ….. drumroll please :-) Why do I choose to be a paid companion/escort and do I really enjoy it ?? Well, I chose to become an escort because the flexibility of the job allows me to work around my day job,(which is my first passion) and frankly I simply love sensual sex … And all the excitement and naughtiness that comes with it :-)

Oh … and yes,the financial gain is pretty good too ….. Got to be able to pay for the Louboutin addiction somehow ;-) *wink wink* Come on, who wouldn’t love to be paid for doing a job that they adored. I treat every liaison as a real date - to the point that I get slightly giddy,with butterflies in my stomach before I meet my playmates. No two encounters are the same, as I prefer to go with the flow and I never ever work off a script - that is unless we have a pre-arranged role-play :-) Actually, I am going to go in depth on this subject on my next blog. I have so much more to tell you guy’s but feel this warrants it’s own post as this one is getting pretty long already.I promise, I won’t forget and will make it a priority ….. Anyway,I will end 2013 by giving you guys a sample of my new photo’s. I managed to squeeze in a photo shoot with my wonderful photographer before Christmas and will update my gallery when I receive all my pictures …. Guy’s, if only you knew how much work and effort goes in to photo shoot’s …..Let me tell you,it aint easy !!

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy New Year and may 2014 bring everyone much luck, love and happiness …..

Thank you gents for everything and I look forward to entertaining you all this coming year !

Love and kisses always … Leanna xxx

From your favorite Oriental Escort London :-)

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