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Yes Mr, Im chatting you up ...... Your London Oriental Escort.

I am a very happy bunny because one of my favorite playmates is back in town. We always have so much fun, but our last encounter is worth blogging about !! Hopefully M won’t mind me sharing our last escapade with you guys.

So, over a dinner date a couple of months back,M lamented the fact that he had never been publicly chatted up or pulled as we say here. He is of a shy disposition which personally I find quite endearing …. As the helpful missy that I am, I thought, now what can I do to change that !! It didn’t take long before an idea sprung to mind. Well, why don’t I take the honor of doing just that - Yes, chatting him up in public …. When I say public, I mean in a crowded bar - Cliche yes, but oh so much fun.

Not one to blow my own trumpet, but honestly, I have never accosted or chatted anyone up before - period !! It has always been the other way round for me and believe me, I have heard some terrible and cheesy chat up lines…. :-)This is going to be a first for me and although excited at the idea/prospect, I was also quite petrified as well. What if it doesn’t go to plan and our role-play sinks like a lead balloon …. Will it spoil our whole evening? Mmmmm …. Anyway, pushing any self doubt aside, we agree on executing the scenario on our next date. Weeks pass and M emails me to let me know excitedly, that he will be returning to London shortly. Woo hoo, fun times again.

We start the ball rolling by accidentally on purpose texting and emailing each other as strangers …. You know, key in one digit wrong and whoops your saucy text has been sent to the wrong person ……..Now that is quite fun and erotic in itself ;-) So,on the evening of the date, M texts me and lets me know which bar he will be in and as it was a Saturday night and very busy - where he will be standing. We wanted to casually bump into each other, not me searching and furiously looking for him.Dressed as requested - in my tight derriere hugging jeans, sky high fuck me heels, casual white sweater and faux fur coat, I made my way over to the drinking hole. Cool as a cucumber, I sashayed in, immediately spotting M perched by the bar.Fortunately there was a space beside him, so I squeezed myself in and ordered myself a drink from the bar man who winked and smiled at me …. Sorry sweetie, your far too young for me, I like my men more mature :-) …. lol

Clutching my drink and desperately trying to find a way to start a conversation with M, I noted that I didn’t have a straw, so politely I ask the stranger beside me ( M) if he knew where I could get a straw from and he kindly offered me his used one. I flirtatiously declined and opted to get one from the bar man. Anyhow, ice now broken, I decided to just go with the flow and shamelessly flirt and chat up M as if my life depended upon it.Any scripts I had in my mind completely disappeared - There’s nothing more fun than making things up as you go along - no matter how silly and absurd they are. We introduced ourselves to each other and I told him that I had just been let down by my girlfriend - who I was suppose to meet here at this bar. M, confessed that he was just visiting on business ( true fact) and that it was his last night in London (also true fact.) I picked up on that comment and proceeded to tease him about how lonely and boring it must be for him,drinking here - all alone. M, stayed cool and resisted my bait and Oh - So not subtle come on ….

I purposely stood very close to him, so that he could smell my perfume and every so often accidentally allowed my body to brush against his. Crowded places these bars - I’m no perv or maybe I am ;-) …. Gosh, this was so much fun, I almost felt quite empowered as M played hard to get …. I’m guessing this is what guys must feel like when they try to pick up us girlies …. lol The man is mine, by hook or crook I WILL devour him in my lair (or his hotel room …ha ha ). As the banter went on M bought me another drink,much to the amusement of the bar man,who couldn’t quite believe his eyes or ears for the matter. Here was a young lady,who bold as brash had sauntered into his bar and within minutes was chatting and rubbing herself against a stranger ….

My goodness, what must he had thought of me ( M did stipulate that he wanted to be the centre of attention,so I was only following instructions) The more M squirmed,the more daring I became. He confessed that he had a wife at home and had never strayed.I teasingly tempted him and to be quite honest, I was getting turned on myself big time. I could feel an intense throbbing between my legs and moistness seeping through my panties.My nipples were beginning to harden and get rather erect ( I wondered if M noticed ) By now, I desperately wanted M to surrender to me and let ME take HIM back to HIS hotel room, as simply put,I really need a damn good seeing to.All this flirting and dirty talk had whipped me into a sexual frenzy …..Phew its getting hot in here !! Sipping on my drink, I happen to glance down at Ms crotch and could see that he was definitely coming round to my way of thinking. There, right before me was undeniably a very excited cock. Ok, so it was encased in his trousers, but you would need to be blind not to see it. Taking that as encouragement, I move myself closer to him and discreetly stroke it. M spluttered and gasped,still trying to turn down my offer, but I knew it wouldn’t be long before he caved into me. As one last attempt, I played on his gentleman side and coyly asked if he would be so kind as to let me use his toilet in his hotel room,as I have a phobia of public loos. Don’t ask me why, but that was what popped into my head at the time.

As a true gentleman, I knew he would help a damsel in distress, or in my case a girl that needed to pee,so would succumb to my request. Sincerely promising that I wouldn’t take it the wrong way and no he wasn’t going to give in to my advances, we swiftly left the bar and crossed the road to his hotel. To my knowledge, M still had an erection as we giddily made our way to his room. OK so I lied, I wasn’t going to behave,nor did I need the loo. Suffice to say I went out, I hunted and I scored :-) :-) Never underestimate the prowess and hunting skills of a woman - We will get you in the end boys (and girls) ….. * Wink * Out of respect to M, I will leave it at this point.Its for us to know and you guys to Maybe find out. However, I will say that we both got very hot, wet and sweaty but it was oh so satisfying!! * Grin * xxxx

From your favorite Oriental Escort London :-)

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