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Oh Ok, so the title should read ‘Ive got that lazy feeling ….

So,I am attempting to do some last minute Christmas shopping ( Thank the lord for Amazon and internet shopping) and keep finding I do what I do best - Shop for me,myself and I :-) I tried to battle my way though the shops last weekend but failed miserably and had to return home in a cold sweat and palpitations. My goodness, what is it with Christmas shoppers this year …. Is it the belief that the world will end on Dec 21st 2012 and we must spend all our money before then? After all we can’t take it with us can we ! If that is the case, well I certainly hope my pressies arrive on time. I would be gutted if the world ended and I couldn’t get to wear my new ‘so high I can barely walk in them’ but ‘God damn they’re sexy’ shoes. Yes, I am a shoe lover, shoe whore, shoe addict or whatever terminology you like ….

Nothing excites me more then the feel or smell of a brand new pair of ultra high and sexy heels - preferably ‘Christian Louboutin’s’. For those that don’t know, they are the Rolls Royce of shoes - guaranteed to make girls wet their panties (well mine anyway) and put the ‘F*ck’ into ‘Fu*k me ’ shoes. Admittedly, they are not the most comfortable to wear but if we ladies wanted comfort then we would buy Clarkes or Hush puppies, but seriously, do you gents want to see us in our sexy lingerie and sensible shoes ?? Mmmm, doesn’t have the same affect does it. Even the shoe designer ‘Christian Louboutin’ himself is quoted saying that his shoes aren’t designed for comfort but for how sexy they make a woman look and feel …….

On that note, I shall suffer for my belief and if anyones feeling generous and would like to indulge me then I am a size Euro 35 please and my birthday is in September ;-) Although I am known to accept gifts even when not my B’day … * grin * …. Here are pics of my shoes. Let me know if you want to f*ck me in them ;-) xxx

From your favorite Oriental Escort London :-)

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