Me And Mr Hollywood Movie Star

So, I guess the title gives it away. I have finally encountered my first Hollywood Movie star . Mr X emailed me requesting an appointment and gave no inkling that he was a famous person.  The meeting was arranged effortlessly and he text to confirm on the day.

At precisely the time of appointment my intercom buzzed and I let my client in. Waiting by my door excitedly, I peeked through my spy hole. As I saw him approach my apartment, I opened the door to let him in. First impression was that he was very casually dressed and had a cap on.

Once inside my front room, he removed his cap and I thought he looked familiar, I had seen him somewhere, but where 🤔

Anyway, he was softly spoken and once formalities were out of the way, we proceeded to discuss what sort of liaison he was after.

Mr X told me he had a foot and shoe fetish and loved to be verbally abused and humiliated. He didn’t want the full service, just to be allowed to worship beautiful goddesses like me ( me a goddess 😄 ha ha)

Anyway, once I understood what his desires were, off he trotted to shower, leaving me to get my sexiest Louboutin’s out and to mentally prepare my nastiness 😈

Back in my candlelit bedroom, our roleplay commenced. I ordered Mr X on all fours whilst I inspected his feeble puny body. I belittled his manhood and spanked his bony ass. I declared that , I owned his pathetic little body and if he wished to serve Mistress Li, then he better be prepared to show his commitment.

Lying back on my bed, I demanded that he come over and lick my precious shoes clean. Duly obliging, he shuffled over and proceeded to do as I ordered. I lay back and watched as this foot slave licked and sucked on my shoes as if they were the tastiest things he’d seen.

All the time whilst he is doing that I’m hurling abuse at him and even I am shocked at some of the stuff that comes out of my potty mouth 🤭 The more nasty I was, the more excited he got. After he finished devouring my shoes, he moved onto licking and sucking my toes and feet. Good job I’m not ticklish 😄

He is literally cramming my foot in his mouth and tonguing my toes, whilst begging me to allow him to wank himself , when it dawned on me who he was. Oh My Fucking God, I grew up watching his movies, one particular film is very iconic .

Let me tell you, it was a very surreal moment indeed. Here I was,lying on my bed being worshipped by an American (naked) actor and I am not being very nice to him. Quite the contrary, I’m fucking humiliating and abusing him 😳

Well, the rest of the appointment went as planned and he was very pleased with everything. After Mr X left, I immediately googled him and my assumption was correct. Mr X had used his middle name to book me and that more or less confirmed his identity to me.

Two days later, Mr X tried to meet me again, but sadly I was fully booked that evening and he was flying home the next day.

We never got to repeat, but who knows ...

Yours Erotically

Leanna Li  xxx 💜
Independent London Escort