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Happy Halloween Folks !!! From Your Fav London Oriental Escort.

Happy Halloween guy’s and dolls …. So who’s going to be trick or treating ??? Or should I say who got tricks or treats lined up :-) I for one was never allowed to go out trick or treating as a child, as my parents couldn’t bear the thought of it … Sigh !!!

Oh the joys of being Chinese ….All our doors and windows would be locked on that night and we would all be tucked up in bed hoping that we would still be there the next day. Let me explain …. In our culture we have a sort of Halloween day too (traditionally known as the Ghost Festival) and is held each year on July 14th of the Chinese lunar calender.

On that night you won’t find many adults out never mind children, as in our belief that is the day when all the lost souls who never made it to heaven or hell for the matter come out and try to find a replacement in order to enable them to make the transition. Incense is burnt in front of all the doors of the family home to protect us and joss paper money and items are burnt for our deceased relatives/ancestors. I myself have witnessed papier mache porsche,paper houses even paper wives being burnt and offered to those in the after life :-) … Don’t laugh this is all quite true and serious.

Above pic is an example of joss paper gold inglots and burning incense for the deceased.

And here ^^^^^^^ is an example of paper mache cars and houses which will be burnt for our ancestors ….. See I didn’t make it up!!

So, because we have this tradition, my parents believed Halloween to be similar to our Ghost Festival and no amount of pleading,crying or even begging would we be allowed to go trick or treating :-( Anyway, now that I am a big girl and no longer afraid of ghosts ….. ( Ummm, I think ) I shall be dressing up and giving you guy’s a trick or treat or two ….. As a typical woman, I am still undecided on my outfit,but here is a pic of my dog in his costume .

He’s not really my dog as I don’t own one, but isn’t he so damn cuteeeeee !!

Happy Halloween guy’s and have fun dressing up …

Leanna xxxx

Your favorite Oriental Escort London :-)

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