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Leanna Li

I am getting hot and bothered and it's not just from the heat !! Your naughty Oriental Escort London.

Oh dear,these hot and balmy nights are doing strange things to me. Not only am I finding it hard to sleep but I keep having bizarre x-rated dreams - and before you ask, NO, I have not been attacking the cheese. I hardly eat cheese, so it cannot be held responsible for my recent sexual fantasies! The hunk who plays lead role in my erotic escapades is none other than …. David Walliams !! Yes, you read it right - he of the ‘Little Britain’ sketches and more recently one of the judges on ‘Britains Got Talent’. Don’t ask me why or how come because I simply don’t have the answer.

I guess I must be partial to slightly - Ok ‘very’ camp men, who can make me laugh and not take life too seriously. I always thought I went for the masculine James Bond type i.e Daniel Craig, but obviously not! Maybe old age has has drastically changed my taste - that or a trip to spec savers is urgently needed. Seriously though, this man is making me err… rather hot under the collar and my panties very very moist (on the days when I am wearing some ) wink wink !!

On that note - David, if by any slim chance that your reading this and Lara Stone has kicked you out of bed - well there is plenty of room in mine and I would happily share it and console you,even throwing in my services pro bono. big grin

Leanna Li London mature escort

Hello and welcome to my website.

I am an Independent Oriental Escort, offering elite companionship to discerning and affluent gentlemen, who appreciates the finer things in life.

Although I offer a true “Girlfriend Experience” I also have a wild side and am open to suggestions. Please feel free to share your fantasies with me and hopefully together we can make them a reality.

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