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Little gem hidden In Chelsea

So, earlier this week I had the great fortune of discovering a little jewel hidden away in Chelsea. Now as a playmate I have been lucky enough to visit many a great hotels in London,but never felt the need to blog or share those places. However, this little gem hidden in the heart of Chelsea really impressed me, so much so,that I just couldn’t keep it to myself! On that particular day Mr X phoned and invited me round to his hotel for some midday/afternoon fun. Looking outside it was a grey and dark day,so I was grateful for some distraction - away from the fact that winter is definitely approaching! Boo …

Quickly dressing in something sexy but classy - with of course my stockings underneath,I made sure my bag was packed with all my essentials and most importantly my toys- toys for me and toys for my boys :-) Hailing a taxi, I gave the address and sat back to enjoy my ride over to SW3. As we approached the street that said hotel was located on, I felt perplexed because no building along there looked anything like a hotel. Anyway the taxi driver found number 29 and promptly stopped and opened the door for me. Still unsure I hesitantly got out, paid the driver and tentatively I walked up to the rather posh looking entrance/porch with a black wooden front door. On closer inspection and much to my delight,I discovered that yes I was indeed at the right place as there on the smallest gold plaque ever was written ’ San Domenico House ’ Obviously their motto is discretion and less is more …

Feeling pleased and relieved that I was at the right place, I proceeded to ring the door bell. Yes, you have to be invited in …… Once inside, I felt that I had entered someones very posh and elegant home - not a hotel. Immediately I was greeted with a friendly face and big smile, who enquired if I could be assisted in anyway. Smiling back and looking confident, I said Yes, I am here to visit my friend Mr X in room xxx. No problem madame,came the answer, the lift is just over there …… I took the lift and found Mr X’s room straight away. With butterflies in my stomach, I gently knocked on the door and waited excitedly( I always get like this with new clients).After a few seconds Mr X opened the door and in I went.

My first impression was WOW !!!! How decadent and cute. The room was on a split level,with a seating area i.e glass table and chairs with a chaise lounge on the top floor and stairs leading down to a heavily draped four poster bed. On the top floor you could look over the wooden banister and see the bed below - waiting for you,all lush and inviting. In a moment of madness me and Mr X contemplated how fun it would be to jump over the banister and dive into the bed but quickly decided against it as we didn’t want to break anything and consequently be barred ……

Mr X ordered fruit and champagne and with formalities out of the way, we slowly but surely got to know each other. As the bubbly flowed, we chatted,feed each other fruit and chased each other up and down the stairs and around the room. At one point we even played a game where Mr X stood on the top floor leaning against the banister and tried to throw grapes down the front of my dress. If he got lucky and hit jackpot he was allowed to go and find it and eat the prize off my chest…… As the afternoon progressed, we got more and more merrier and Mr X got more and more daring. Even allowing me to introduce some of my toys for boys - thus bringing him to heights of excitement and pleasures he had never experienced before. We drank and licked bubbly off each others body and incorporated fruits into our fun and games - I will never look at a banana in the same way again ;-)

Finally quite exhausted from our bedroom frolics we decided to wind down and take a relaxing bubble bath together. However still feeling a little naughty and mischievous myself, I decided to invite my waterproof vibrator as well. Suffice to say our threesome was a success … Me,Mr X and err Pinky my Vib ….. Sadly the saying ‘Time flies when your having fun’ came true that afternoon, as with out realising it, the hours flew by and before long I was all dressed and decent again, ready to leave the boudoir ……….

So if your looking for a somewhat opulent and quite romantic place to spend an afternoon, evening,weekend or in my case forever - I could actually quite happily live there …. Then you won’t go wrong with this little treasure !! With a spring in my step and a smile on my face, I was released back out to the gloomy grey world, but you know what, I really didn’t mind now - as grey or not, I simply adore London !! …… xxx SanDomenicoHouse

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