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Mr B's third role play idea. The Au Pair.

So the creative juices continue. Here is Mr ‘Saucy’ B’s next idea/scenario 😊

3 ) The Au Pair

You’ve arranged a day’s shopping in town with a friend but decide to go home a little earlier than expected as you’re both feeling a little tired. You arrive home in the early afternoon and notice your partner has been doing some gardening and assume he’s now in the back garden cutting and pruning the hedges. Feeling a little jaded, you drop your shopping bags in the hallway and head off to the bedroom for a little nap. As you approach the bedroom door you hear some very strange noises coming from inside. It sounds like someone is in there. You hear another voice too, then you hear giggling, sighing, moaning and groaning. You listen outside the door for a bit and realise its the voices of your partner and the very hot au pair. You’re sure they’re ‘having each other’ in the bedroom and are deeply engrossed in what sounds like some pretty hot and steamy foreplay.

Secretly, you’ve always wanted a threesome with this sexy beauty but have never found the right time to discuss it with your partner. You can feel your pussy becoming moist and wet as you imagine the goings on in the room. Your mind is in a very confused state. Strangely, you’re feeling more turned on than annoyed about your discovery. Your desire to join in and experience the excitement and pleasure is far greater than any sense of resentment, betrayal or anger you have for your partner.

You nervously push open the door a little, just enough to see what’s going on without being seen. Your partner is standing there completely naked in front of the full length mirror. His cock is aroused and standing very hard and erect. The au pair is completely naked too. She’s kneeling in front of him giving him the blow job of his life which she’s obviously enjoying too as she devours the full length of his stiff and throbbing shaft. She’s fondling his balls too and caressing the cheeks of his ass. Intermittently she fingers her pussy and plays with her clit. He bends forward and kisses her red sensuous lips. She then offers him her fingers to lick which are soaked in her pussy juices. He spreads his legs a little as she lubes her fingers and tickles his ass hole. You know he loves that as you’ve done it to him so many times before.

You’re feeling very wet now and you start fingering your pussy and playing with your very excited clit. You quietly enter the bedroom, approach your partner from behind, grab the cheeks of his ass and tell him you want that threesome now. They’re both very startled by your intervention and the au pair retreats from your husband’s throbbing cock begging for your forgiveness. You’ve decided you’ll pretend to be very annoyed about the whole thing even though it’s really turned you on. You’ve decided you’re now going to take the opportunity to have your evil way with her, and him, and to live out your filthy and debaucherous threesome fantasies to the full!!!!!!!


Yours erotically

Leanna xx

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