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Leanna Li

My ultimate fantasy - From your naughty London Escort.

Hello boys and girls,

I am often asked, what is your ultimate fantasy and where most would you like to be fucked (location wise guys, not orifice🙈). Now, I have already done the midnight alfresco beach sex on a tropical island. Glorious bright shining moon🌛waves gently lapping in the background🌊, palm trees behind you🌴🌴.Yes, idyllic as it sounds, sexy it really isn’t. The bloody annoying sand gets everywhere, and I mean everywhere,including where the sun don’t shine. For days afterwards, you will be finding friggin sand where you shouldn’t 😑 Totally over rated in my opinion.

I have also shagged on a small speed boat in the middle of the ocean. Not really great when you get motion sickness and frightened of being thrust overboard. Kind of takes the fun factor out of it and requesting to wear a life jacket whilst doing the deed isn’t sexy 😕 So, after much thought, I have come to the conclusion that my ultimate fantasy (that I have yet to fulfill) is to be taken and ‘literally taken’ on the ‘Orient Express’😊

I want to be dressed as a flapper girl, with my date in a pin striped suit. We will be recreating a scene from the roaring 20’s. It is an era that totally fascinates me. I want to channel retro glamour, with a touch of Agatha Christie. I want to suck and be fucked on the Orient Express, with the Swiss Alps in the background and jazz music playing. I want to be on my knees, looking up at you all doe eyed as I unzip your flies and release your cock. You will grab my hair as I suck you,then lift up my dress, spread my legs and fuck me hard from behind as the train trundles along. I want to scream sooo loud as I come, that peeps will think there is an actual ‘murder on the Orient Express’ … lol 😁 (Err Ok, maybe not that loud, but you know what I mean)

Now, those that know me, know that I love role play, so I would totally get into character. Sooo … the only tiny problem I have, that’s holding me back from fulfilling this fantasy is …. an accomplice. So gents or ladies even 😉, does anyone want to spoil and indulge me in this ultimate fantasy. I know we will have a lot of fun 😘 Leanna xxx

Hello and welcome to my website.

I am an Independent Oriental Escort, offering elite companionship to discerning and affluent gentlemen, who appreciates the finer things in life.

Although I offer a true “Girlfriend Experience” I also have a wild side and am open to suggestions. Please feel free to share your fantasies with me and hopefully together we can make them a reality.

Come into my world,where dreams can come true ……