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Where has January gone ....... Your London Oriental Escort.

Hello again chaps and chicks…. My goodness where has the time gone. January has flown by and I have barely noticed :-/ Well, what do I have to report for you all, umm not a lot really. What with the cold weather that has been bestowed upon us, I have found it extremely hard to get out of bed never mind anything else! On the occasions that I have ventured out of my warm lair, it has been with the lure and promise of ….. food !! Yep, good ole food … Ha ha ..

I bet you thought I was going to say shoesss :-) Yes, apart from shoes, good food is my other love and I must admit, I have been a well feed little chick this month. Maybe a little too well feed,as I was hoping to eat less,tone up and watch my figure this year …. Ah well, another New Years resolution bites the dust. I have been extremely lucky and fortunate enough to be invited on quite a few dinner dates this past month. Sometimes,

I think they are like buses, wait ages for one and a whole load comes along at once. Anyway, I am not one to complain, as dinner dates are one of my favorite dates. Not only do I get to dress up and dine out, but it’s also a fun way to get to know your date before the bedroom activities. I call it extended foreplay, a little teasing and a whole lot of flirting whilst dining and before you know it, coffee’s are cancelled and your both legging it back to the hotel room.

Talking of hotel rooms, I must tell you of a hotel that I was introduced to recently. Now, I am not easily impressed but this particular boutique hotel deserves an honorable mention. Not only only is it uber stylish with a kitsch bohemian feel, but the suites are quite spacious and the beds big and comfortable - perfect for rollicking around,hot and sweaty fucking and even sleeping (I guess one must do that at some point - sleep). The latter I didn’t try as I was busy doing the first two that I recommended .. ;-) Also in the open plan suite is a free standing bath,set out on a bed of glowing pebbles - how avant-garde and sexy .Me and my date made use of that,soaping and playing with each other, before progressing our coital activities to the bed. So, if you want to impress a date,then I urge you to consider this hotel. The name is Soho Sanctum Hotel on Warwick Street,London.

Oh and one more thing I must mention about this hotel - Golly, I am beginning to sound like a hotel PR now on commission … lol .. I’m not, I promise ! Although the thought has crossed my mind, how us ‘Escorts’ are perfect to be hotel ‘Secret Shoppers’. We could score the hotel after we have visited and yes we do visit a few (blush) and give our honest and unbiased opinion on them.I.e .. Bath too small for two …Bed too squeaky and not enough room for sexual gymnastics without the danger of one falling off … You get the idea ! Mmm maybe I should suggest it to the hotels …. What do you think ?? Anyway, back to what I was telling you about,which in my opinion is the piece de resistance and totally sealed the deal for me …. This my friends is better that gold plated toilet seats (pff .. so last year ) …. This is none other than diamante encrusted door handles …. Yes, you read it right, blinging door handles and on every room. How camp and glamorous …. How me … :-) :-) I love them !! xxx

From your favorite Oriental Escort London :-)

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